Home Insurance Advice: Blizzards and What to Know About Preparation

High snow levels and extreme wind velocity make blizzards the most dangerous and destructive winter storms. Happening from the months of December to March in the continental US, blizzards are something that every single homeowner in America should prepare for.

According to experts, blizzards commonly occur in the northern Great Plains states and in the southern part of the region. Living in these areas would mean one would have to look out for winter storm warnings on certain times of the year. The thing to keep in mind about planning ahead is that even if you never need to utilize the preparations, they can never hurt homeowners. All homeowners should have ample supplies available as well as have survival kits ready.

It is beneficial for homeowners to get their homes ready too and learn more about pertinent questions that those who have experienced a blizzard have asked regarding home insurance coverage for such a catastrophe.

Finding out if your home insurance covers loss of food supplies for example is one question you should ask your insurer.

Insurance experts say that it is a good idea for you to have a written inventory of everything in your household and if possible to videotape them once there are signs that a winter storm is coming. This will enable you to get coverage from your policy in case items inside your home are damaged because of the blizzard.

It is also a great idea to ensure that everything is in great condition and will last in a tough situation. Protecting your home's water pipes during extremely cold weather conditions is also advisable. To do this, you should let a bit of cold water and hot water trickle from one of your home's faucets at night, it is also advisable for homeowners to let some heat inside cabinets or spaces where there are uninsulated pipes.

Experts also advise that every member of your household should know how to turn off the water in an event of a water pipe burst.

The internet is always a vast resource of great tips on Home Insurance rates. Reading about home insurance tips will also be a great help for your household.

Aspects to be assessed in essay assignments

When you teacher or your lecturer gives you an essay assignment, there are a lot of you who usually will feel annoyed. You all do this because you think that an essay is the hardest assignments to do. If you are too annoyed with the essay, getting free essays in the internet might be one of the solutions that you need to take. However, before you can grab your free essay on the internet, let us think about why your teacher or your lecturer gives you an essay assignment instead of paper test assignment. The reason is that we all know that writing is the hardest English or every language skill that a person needs to master. When your teacher or lecturer gives you an essay assignment, there will be four things that they will assess based on your essay, namely; task achievement, grammar, lexical uses, and coherence.

Firstly, Task achievement deals with how good you are in describing or writing the essay. For example, if you are asked to write an essay about the history of commercial cheese product, the assessment of your essay for the task achievement will look at how you can describe the history aspects of commercial cheese product and not the others. This way, your teacher can assess how good you are in focusing your problem in a certain subjects without going too far for another topics or problem. In addition, it will also help your teacher to find out how good you are in comprehending and applying the information that you have learnt from the study the teacher or the lecturer has given to you in the class.

Secondly, grammar is always one of the most crucial aspects in writing. Even though you are the native English speaker who lives in an English speaking country, it does not mean that you will have no problem in grammar. There are a lot of students who make a lot of grammatical mistake more than students who do not live and speak English in their daily life. If you want to make a good essay, you need to think about your grammar too.

Thirdly, the coherence and the lexical use are dealing with choice of words and how you connect words with words to make a sentence, and how you combine sentences to make a paragraph, and how you combine paragraph to make an essay. If you have some troubles with these, you can contact the best writing service in the internet to help you.

Choose Your Best Electronic Cigarette

A lot of people are in a state of confusion in trying to understand how electronic cigarettes work. They do not understand how one can get nicotine and yet there is no smoke and burning involved. The best electronic cigarettes have a system inside them that emits vapor for you to inhale whenever you take a drag from it. That is where the nicotine is located. Electronic cigarettes can be used over and over again; it is only the cartridge that is replaced once you are through with them.

As the name rightly suggests, e-cigarettes are electronic devices that are now widely used as an alternative to conventional cigarettes. The e cigarette is a battery operated device in which the combustion is electric and there is no smoke involved neither are a lot of the chemicals in cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette review suggests that disposable cigarettes are not meant for everyone as they are for those who want to test its results. Results are calculated on the basis of its taste, thickness of vapors and quality sensation it delivers. They are much cheaper in comparison to the starter kit. The cartridge filling of theses cigarette lasts until it ends which means you cannot reuse it.

Cheap flights and additional consumer protections

The Department of Transport has been working to simplify the regulation of air traffic, reducing controls over fares and routes. Yet for all this liberalizations, problems remained and new rules have been introduced to protect consumers.

1. Fares

Because there's been a significant increase in the amount of price competition, there's increasing choice for consumers both as to where to buy and how much to pay for the different packages. The rules now require more transparency with all the taxes and fees included in the ticket prices, and all the additional fees for services shown prominently on the websites. This is still short of the more desirable all-in pricing structure, but it's an improvement. Remember if you buy discounted tickets on cheap flights, there are usually penalties for requesting a change or canceling. However, if you merely make a reservation, that price must be held for at least 24 hours.

2. Overbooking

Put any planeload of people together and you can always find some people who are willing to do a deal on giving up their seats should there be overbooking. But when there's no one volunteering and people have to be cut, the DoT requires the airlines to give everyone an explanation of their rights. This is usually cash or a check and the amount payable varies based on the ticket price and how long the flight is delayed. No compensation is payable if you arrive at your destination within one hour of the originally scheduled time. If you're on a domestic flight and arrive within two hours, or on an international flight and arrive within four hours, you get double the ticket price up to a maximum of $650. If the delay is longer, you get four times the ticket price up to a maximum of $1,300. In any event, you get to keep your original ticket and can use it any time in the future. It's always up to the airlines to set their own bumping policies, usually starting with those in the cheap seats on the cheap flights.

Cheap flights and the three-hour tarmac delay rule

Is the three-hour tarmac rule working?

In 2009, there was a remarkable incident at Minnesota's Rochdale International Airport when forty-seven people were held against their will on an airplane without properly working toilets for seven hours. During this time, they were in sight of the airport's buildings, but the airport staff refused to open a gate. This was the straw that broke the Department of Transport's back and it introduced the now popular three-hour rule. The intention is to force airlines and airport operators to treat passengers with basic decency.


If a US or foreign airplane on a domestic flight is held on the tarmac for more than two hours, the airline must provide adequate food and drinking water. If the delay is more than three hours, the airline must allow the passengers to leave the airplane. This timetable is shortened if there's a medical emergency or the toilets cease to work. Except, you can only leave the airplane at a formal gate. It's not safe or practical to have you jump or slide down on to the tarmac in the middle of the runway system. This puts significant pressure on the airport operator to make gates available as the time limit approaches. If the airlines breach the rules, there's a federal fine of up to $27,500 per passenger affected. As to international flights, all airlines must publish their rules about tarmac delays which cannot exceed four hours, and breach of these rules will also produce fines.


There are other issues addressed under the rules. For example, some take-off slots are at very congested times and, even a few minutes delay at the gate can mean the slot is lost and the flight must be rescheduled. If this happens consistently at one or more slot times, every flight will be treated as cancelled and the airlines fined for deceptive practices. Airlines must also nominate identified individuals to communicate with passengers on a timely basis, and cannot seek to exclude liability in the terms and conditions, particularly on cheap flights. There have been increases in the number of flights cancelled and the number of slots has been rationalized at some crowded airports. So this has represented an improvement both passengers on both full-price and cheap flights.